The NAIOP Vancouver Government Relations Committee works closely with municipalities within Greater Vancouver to maintain relationships and stay involved in current issues relating to development.

This ensures that the voice of NAIOP Vancouver is heard and the needs and interests of our membership are addressed.  Municipalities often turn to NAIOP for comments and feedback on their initiatives and reports.

Below are records of correspondence between our Government Relations Committee and various municipalities regarding current issues and developments.


City of Vancouver - Proposed Development Cost Levy Increase for Oakridge Langara - February 2013

NAIOP Vancouver's response to the City of Vancouver on the proposed Development Cost Levy increase for Oakridge Langara. View letter.


Translink - Issue of Revenue Sources to Support Transportation Improvements - March 2012

NAIOP Vancouver's Executive Director Darlene Hyde provided this response to the issue of revenue sources to support Translink's transportation improvements. The letter is in support of the comments made last week by the BC Chamber of Commerce, the Vancouver Board of Trade and BOMA. View Letter

The Translink Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation sent this letter to The Honourable Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, regarding the motions of their meeting on March 7, 2012. View Letter


Metro Vancouver Draft Model Bylaws - Mandatory Space for Recycling in Multi-Family and Commercial Buildings - December 2011

The City of Vancouver requested feedback from NAIOP Vancouver regarding their Draft Model Bylaws to increase recycling in the multi-family, commercial, and construction / demolition sectors.

NAIOP Vancouver's Development Issues and Government Relations Chair, Gordon Wylie provided feedback on their second bylaw as it concerns multi-family and commercial buildings including office and retail buildings. - December 14, 2011 | View Letter

City of Langley - A Checklist for Sustainable Community Development - August 2011

The City of Langley checklist is designed to raise awareness of sustainability considerations in proposed developments and to encourage applicants to "go the extra mile" in their projects. This checklist shall accompany all rezoning, development permit, and subdivision applications.

Final Version of A Checklist for Sustainable Community Development - August 8, 2011  |  View Letter
City of Langley response to NAIOP letter - August 8, 2011  |  View Letter
NAIOP Letter providing feedback on the draft version of the checklist - July 11, 2011  |  View Letter

The Cambie Corridor Planning Program

The Cambie Corridor Planning Program is a major planning initiative to develop a land use policy plan for the Cambie Corridor that includes detailed consideration of land use, density, built form, public realm improvements and an amenities strategy.

Phase One(Approved - January 2010) - delivered planning principles to guide future planning work in the Corridor and was an interim rezoning policy to guide and assess applications immediately adjacent to existing stations in the Corridor.

Phase Two (under consideration) -  responds to the challenges faced by the City in meeting various city-wide policy goals, including the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy, and the City's Greenest City Initiative, Housing Strategy, and current and future Transportation Plans - all while remaining responsive to the issues of local neighbourhoods along the Corridor.  The purpose of the following report is to seek Council approval of the Phase Two deliverables of the Cambie Corridor Planning Program (the "Plan"). The Plan aims to make the Cambie Corridor an even better place to live, work and play over time. | View Report

  • NAIOP Vancouver provided input to the City of Vancouver staff and council regarding the planning work recently completed for the Canada Line stations. - May 2011 | View Letter
  • NAIOP wrote to Council to encourage City Planning staff to take a novel approach to planning the new stations along the recently opened Canada Line - July 2009 | View Letter

Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy

Metro Vancouver's new Regional Growth Strategy: Metro Vancouver 2040 - Shaping our Future was adopted on July 29th, 2011, after being unanimously accepted by all local governments in the region. The Regional Growth Strategy looks out to 2040 and provides a framework on how to accommodate the over 1 million people and 600,000 new jobs that are expected to come to Metro Vancouver in the next 30 years. The five goals of the plan address how to manage this growth in a way that enhances the livability and sustainability of the region.

NAIOP Vancouver had the opportunity to provide feedback on the Metro Vancouver RGS while it was in the draft stages and were able to provide some revisions to the final document.  We were encouraged to see the added flexibility for municipalities to make minor amendments to the plan without triggering the need for a majority Board vote and the relaxation of overly restrictive language in other areas.

Final version of the RGS - July 2011 | View Document
Letter from Metro Vancouver providing an update on the RGS - January 2011 | View Letter
NAIOP letter in response to draft update - November 2010 | View Letter
NAIOP letter in response to a request for feedback on a draft RGS - April 2010 | View Letter

District of Mission's Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaws Revisited

The District of Mission is currently conducting a review of its Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaws including its DCC rates. Urban Systems Ltd. prepared a draft background report on capital projects to be funded through DCCs and NAIOP Vancouver was invited to an open house in order to receive information and provide feedback in regards to the  District's new proposed DCC rates and capital programs - February 2011 | View Letter
Background reports and further details on this review can be found on the District of Mission Website | Click here

Township of Langley NAIOP Survey Task Force Report

During 2010, the NAIOP Survey Task Force undertook to study 10 years of results of the Annual NAIOP Survey of development costs and times.  Included in this final report are findings of the Task Force regarding the annual survey as well as several related development issues.  The Task Force was established to assess areas of possible improvement for consideration that will position the Township in meeting the needs of the development industry.
The Task Force prepared a final report which the Township of Langley forwarded to NAIOP - January 2011 | View Report


Coquitlam Industrial Zoning Review

The City of Coquitlam conducted a comprehensive review of industrial zones. Input received from NAIOP Vancouver greatly assisted staff in the direction taken in the review.

Follow up letter from NAIOP providing further suggestions for review - August 2010 | View Letter

Comments and updated report from the City of Coquitlam - July 2010 | View Letter

NAIOP provided comments for the City of Coquitlam review of its industrial zoning bylaw. Recommendation was for the City to consider a reduction in zones to a maximum of 4. View Letter

City of Vancouver Development Cost Levies Rate Increase

NAIOP Vancouver wrote to the City of Vancouver to provide input to staff and Council on the proposed inflationary rate increase in the City-Wide DCL based on review of both the February 2010 report to Council on the proposed DCL rate increases and the administrative report to the Standing Committee on City Services and Budgets dated May 6.

City of Vancouver Letter in response to NAIOP comments - June 2010 | View Letter
NAIOP letter providing suggestions for the levies - June 2010 | View Letter

NAIOP Vancouver speech from the 2010 LMGA Conference