The Power of Millennials

This past election has shown the true power of millennials. As the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce, those born in the early 80s into the early 2000s are, as Entrepreneur calls it, “changing the way we do business”. With baby boomers retiring, a new generation has shifted into the marketplace by disrupting the traditional approach to real estate, work, and culture.

The powerful effect of this demographic was discussed at our breakfast event, “Federal Election Review and Insights”. This was the country’s highest voting turnout since 1993, with more than 17 million Canadians casting a ballot. Data shows that new voters, particularly millennials, played a key role in electing the Liberal Party. There were 17,559,353 ballots cast in 2015 during the election this year (not including those who registered on Election Day), compared to 14,823,408 ballots in 2011.*


Photo: Justin Trudeau/Facebook

Part of the Liberal Party’s win is credited to Justin Trudeau’s ability to connect with younger audiences through his social media campaigns, spreading positive messaging of hope and optimism. “Time for a change” trumped “change is scary”, garnering progressive votes across the country. With the strongest following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the PM candidate consistently created videos, photos, and relatable content that gave audiences an in-depth look at the Liberal Party leader.


Photo: Justin Trudeau/Facebook

Millennials are Canada’s future, and their power is clearly evident. This means the commercial real estate industry will have to adapt to this technically charged and information-savvy generation. From mobile marketing to positive messaging, there are some valuable lessons that can be learned from Trudeau’s rise to power. It’s these fundamentals that will be needed to connect to the upcoming generations who will be taking over leading roles in the industry.


*Source: The Star

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