New York City Bus Tour Highlights: Hudson Yards Model

One of the highlights of the NAIOP Vancouver tour of New York City's key commercial business properties on September 24 was a tour of the 28-acre Hudson Yards. This is the largest private real estate development in the history of the US, and the largest development in NYC since Rockefeller Centre. It is anticipated that more than 24 million people will visit Hudson Yards every year. The site will include more than 17 million square feet of commercial and residential space; more than 100 shops; a collection of restaurants; approximately 5,000 residences; a unique cultural space; 14 acres of public open space; a 750-seat public school; and a 200-room Equinox branded luxury hotel -- all offering unparalleled amenities for residents, employees and guests. The development of Hudson Yards will create more than 23,000 construction jobs.

The development is divided into the Western Yard, containing over 6 million square feet, and the Eastern Yard, with over 11 million square feet.

Approximately 30 members of NAIOP Vancouver, including guests, attended the NYC bus tour of commercial properties.


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