Meet the Mayor: Darrell Mussatto

Rounding out the last of our Meet the Mayor series is Darrell Mussatto. Paramedic turned politician, Mayor Mussatto has served North Vancouver for the past four terms. As the second fastest growing population in the Lower Mainland, Musatto is focused on redevelopment to keep residents living and working in this corner of Greater Vancouver.


Given their limited land base, North Vancouver can only focus on redevelopment, which has caused major backlash amongst residents resistant to change. For Mayor Mussatto, pushing residential, commercial, and industrial improvements are crucial to keep North Vancouver thriving, as these resources are needed to accommodate the growing population. To help ease their concerns, he hired construction ambassadors to meet with residents and address their apprehensions.

Even with the recent impressive changes to Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver has remained in the black. This is due to reserve funds, allowing them to spend the interest without incurring any debt (a significant difference from Mayor Jackson’s challenges in Delta).


It’s for his innovative approach to development that NAIOP Vancouver recognized the City of North Van as the "Most Business Friendly Municipality" for the second year in a row at our Breakfast Event last month.

So what’s in store for the North Shore? According to Mayor Mussatto, better infrastructure, as gridlock traffic is one of the top complaints from those travelling to and from the city each day. In addition, they’ll need to continually develop community projects like parks and walkways, as more residents are turning to condo dwellings due to the notoriously expensive real estate market. And finally, making sure that whatever new development they introduce meets the high sustainability standards their city is known for.

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