NAIOP Vancouver Mentorship Program an Outstanding Success

In October 2013, NAIOP Vancouver is launching the second phase of its very successful Mentorship Program. In Phase One of the program, which took place from February to June, 2013, 24 mentors were matched up with 30 mentees, all of whom are NAIOP Vancouver Developing Leaders 35 years of age or younger. The 24 mentors chosen were all leaders in their respective fields, with much to offer in terms of advice and counsel to the various mentees.

The system was built around a website, in which mentees could chose up to five different mentors for one hour meetings.

This fall, we are repeating the very successful formula, with another 30 mentees, and 24 mentors, 12 of whom are new to the program, and 12 of whom were mentors in the first phase of the program.

The response from the mentees has been overwhelming: the sessions are totally booked within a day of opening. Both mentors and mentees alike say the program has been a very positive experience.

In September, NAIOP Vancouver hosted a reception at the George Lounge in Yaletown to thank the mentors and to create a networking opportunity between mentors and mentees. It was sponsored by Colliers International and was a great success!

The program was based on a very successful  website-based mentorship program in Toronto.  AIOP Vancouver plans to continue the program as long as there is demand for it. It is a really valuable benefit for our Developing Leaders and for the mentors, who want to give back to their community.


Darlene Hyde, Executive Director of NAIOP Vancouver


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