NAIOP Vancouver Mentorship Program an Outstanding Success

The first phase of NAIOP Vancouver's Mentorship program was launched in early February of this year.  The program has 24 mentors (senior people in the real estate and related industries) and 30 mentees (individuals 35 years and under), in the commercial real estate business.

The program has been a tremendous success, with over 95% of the available mentorship spots "selling out"  within a day.  Each mentor meets with five different mentees for a one-hour visit.  Each mentee can choose at least three mentors to meet with and discuss issues of their choice.

Response from both mentors and mentees has been very positive.  The mentees appreciate the contacts they are making with the program, and the wisdom that they have had access to via the mentors.  The mentors have appreciated the organization and focus of the mentees, and the ease of program administration and scheduling through the mentorship website.

We are hoping to have many, if not all,  of our current mentors back for phase two of the program which will get started this fall; and we hope to expand the program so that it is available to additional mentees.

We plan to host a reception for all mentors and mentees after the completion of phase one of the program at the end of June and before the commencement of the second phase of the program in the fall of 2013.

If you are not currently in the program but are interested in being a mentor for the second phase of the program, contact Darlene Hyde, Executive Director, NAIOP Vancouver at


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