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Darlene Hyde NAIOPIn this month's installment of the Industry Leaders Blog, NAIOP Vancouver Executive Director Darlene Hyde shares her thoughts on what motivates Association members to get involved.

I would like to add some of my observations following up on John Conicella's very excellent perceptions on the US economy, following our visit to the annual Chapter Leadership and Legislative Retreat in Washington DC in early February.

There was a lot to digest at the conference, but one session in particular stood out for me.  It was led by Cynthia D'Amour, Leadership Strategist and President of People Power Unlimited based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She works with Associations that want to get more members involved and organizations that want to develop their leaders.

Cynthia pointed out that all associations in general, and NAIOP in particular, need to up-the-ante on the "value proposition" of membership.  Generally, people join Associations or organizations for three key reasons: 

  1. to meet people and network;
  2. to learn something; or
  3. to help out and give back to the industry or profession.

When it comes to getting members to become more involved, our conversations with them need to focus on their three needs: meet, learn and help.

Our communications with prospective members and volunteers, whether on our website or in personal dialogue with them, need to focus on identifying which of these three needs is the operative one for them, and then, once we have determined the operative need, we need to provide the prospective member or volunteer with solutions:  a specific event where they can meet people; an educational session or breakfast focused on a topic they want to learn about; or opportunities to help the Association (like volunteering  for a specific committee).

I know this does not sound like rocket science, but very basic common sense.  Cynthia's themes of meet, learn and help really allowed me to focus on where NAIOP Vancouver needs to go to grow its membership and volunteer base. I will be putting them into action in the year ahead.

Darlene K. Hyde

What benefits do you look for in your membership with NAIOP Vancouver? What is your operative motivator, and how can we better fulfill it? Share your thoughts, comments and recommendations below!

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