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The Evolution of Olympic Village

Olympic Village has come a long way since its inception back in 2008. Built by the Millennium Development Group for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic ga...more

The Liberal Party’s Infrastructure Plan

At our Breakfast Event last month, we discussed how the election of the Liberal Party would affect the future of real estate in our province, particul...more

The Power of Millennials

This past election has shown the true power of millennials. As the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce, those born in the early 80s into the ...more

A Time To Sell: Vancouver Commercial Properties Hit the Market

The lack of commercial real estate inventory in Vancouver has remained a hot topic for years, prompting many of the city’s established developers to s...more

Alberni Street: The New Rodeo Drive

Looking at Alberni Street today, it’s hard to image that it was once a retail destination for Japanese tourists. Throughout the eighties and nineties,...more